Chapel Hill, NC (Off I-85)

                    Fredericksburg, VA (Off I-95)

                    Wilson, NC (Off I-95)

                   Charlotte NC (Off I-85)

                   Tryon, NC (Off I-40)

                   Youngsville, NC (Off I-95)

                   Lexington, NC (Off I-85)

                  Goldsboro NC

                  Kenly,NC (Off I-95)

                  Wilson, NC (Off I-95)

                  Weldon, NC (Off I-95)

                  Florence SC (Off I-95)

                  Ayden NC

                  Greensboro, NC (Off I-85)

                  Holly Hill, SC (Off I-95)

                  Savannah GA

                 Goldsboro, NC (Off I-85)

                 ​Danielsville GA

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Carolina BBQ is all about pork. Not the ribs, but either pork shoulder or the "whole hog" slowly smoked for hours until juicy tender.

Nor is it about the heavy BBQ sauces found elsewhere. Carolina barbecue is splashed with a thin, vinegar based sauce. There are three regional sauces, actually. Eastern North Carolina for the basic sauce, western North Carolina for the basic sauce with a bit of tomato added and South Carolina style, spiked with mustard.

Also included are a few southern BBQ places located outside of the Carolinas.

See Eating The South Section of HollyEats for southern places that don't specialize in bbq.