Route 453 North
Holly Hill, SC

Open Friday And Saturday
11:30 AM to 9 PM

I've given up trying to decide who does the best barbecue in the Carolina's. Just as in the NFL, on any given day... But, along with Allen and Sons, I know Sweatman's will always be in there, battling it out for number one. It is that good.

Sweatman's runs as a buffet. Pretty basic at lunch- slaw, hash (southern scrapple turned into a sauce - whatever's leftover after the meat's pulled off the bones), rice, and barbecue. Four different pans of barbecue. Light meat - moist and tender. Dark meat, crisp and full of flavor. And a pan each of ribs and skin.

Sweatman's barbecues the who hog - half a hog, split down the middle and smoked for about 8 hours. That's the outside of the pithouse to the right, and some of the pigs barbecuing inside, above the buffet line pic.