I need to get to Mid America and a State Fair at least once a year. Reminds me that everything isn't East Coast. August is the best month. There are state fairs in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Kentucky.
My favorite state fair is Iowa. It's the granddaddy of all the state fairs. And if you time it right, you can head north to Britt Iowa for the National Hobo Convention and a bowl of Mulligan Stew so thin that, as Woody Gutherie used to say, you can read the newspaper through it.

There's all sorts of good eating at any Midwest state fair, and Indiana is no exception. Corn Dogs; pork burgers, tenderloins and chops; roasted corn; fried cheese; draft root beer; fresh churned ice cream; apple dumplings; and all the traditional midway fair fare.

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