1360 Tunnel Road - Hgwy 70 E
Ashville NC
(828) 296-1227

Open Daily
Lunch and Dinner

Bono's has been barbecuing since 1949. Real pit barbecue. I checked for the wood out back. Nowadays not all barbecue is being cue'd the old fashion way. Bono's does it right.

They do their sauces right too - their original mustard based (South Carolina style), hot mustard based, ketchup based (western North Carolina) and sweet 'n tangy honey based. For me, the original mustard based was an easy pick, but my waiter said that ketchup based was the most popular with the locals.

Was there for lunch. One of the lunch specials was all you can eat pulled pork for 6.99. I chickened out and ordered the pork lunch, 5.99. That's it above, and was, for me at least, all I good eat - a heapin' portion of barbecue.

They do their pulled pork sandwich on Texas toast. Gonna have to try that the next time I happen by.