20th and Locust
Philadelphia PA
(267) 639-2341

Tuesday thru Sunday

Yogurt for adults.  A nice tang.  No added sugar or corn syrup.  Not really yogurt according to Yogorino.  Rather, it is "Yogorino, the Original Italian Probiotic."

The recipe is from Italy.  The non fresh toppings are from Italy.  Fresh toppings are whatever fruit is in season.  I went for strawberries and mango.  Time before that, fresh blackberries.

Last time there I had dark chocolate with caramel crisps.  Chocolate with hazelnuts is a classic.

Back a couple of more times.  Raspberries the first time and coffee syrup with hazelnuts the second.  Coffee syrup is pretty sweet.

Not for the meek of pocket.  But a good place to dispense with some disposable income. 

I shall return, probably more often than I should.

July 2009