Route 100 & 1-78
Foglesville, PA  
(Allentown exit from PA Tpk)
(610) 398-3939

Daily, Lunch and Dinner
4 other locations in the Allentown area.

Yocco's hot dogs, alone, are worth the trip from Philadelphia to Allentown.  Add a large side of pierogies, and it's petal to the metal time.  

The hot dogs are Texas Wiener style,  on a bed of chopped onions and a heavy duty mustard with a coating of chili sauce.   Their hamburgers, cheeseburgers and cheese steaks are all great, but the classic meal of 3 dogs, a large pierogies and a chocolate milk is what Yocco's is all about.

Yocco is short for Iacocca, as in Lee Iacocca, an Allentown native and related to Yocco's founder.  Turns out the Pennsylvania Dutch could not pronounce Iacocca, and said Yocco instead.