Rt. 926 East of Rt. 352
Westtown Township PA
(610) 399-9080

Call For Hours and Opening Day

​My secret corn place.  Located in the wilds of Chester County, about a 45 minute drive from Center City and worth every mile.  Been around for 80 some years.

The corn is fresh.  Real fresh.  I was there one rainy afternoon and had to wait a few minutes because the tractor hauling corn from the fields was stuck in the mud.  That's fresh.

There are always at least three varieties of corn.  One white, one yellow and one bi-color.  My favorite is a yellow, "Incredible." 

A great source for local "lopes" and genuine, non-refrigerated farm tomatoes.

And be sure to lug home one of their fresh baked, weighs a ton, peach pies.

August 2006

August 2008 Updated