346 Greenville Avenue
Staunton, VA
(540) 886-0435

Monday thru Saturday
11 AM - 9 PM

Wright's Drive-In is the real thing. They started off as a walk up ice cream and burger stand and kept adding on until the ended up with a drive-in and a dining room. The menu under the onion rings shows Wright's 1958 pricing.

The headliner at Wright's is the SuperBurger - like a Big Mac, but introduced maybe 10 years before the Big Mac. The two patties combine to make a quarter pounder. The sauce, a secret.

Also had a hot dog - topped with mustard, onions and relish. They also do slaw dogs. The onion rings are home made.

You order in your car, or at the original counter if you're on the way to the dining room, or by telephone at your table if you skip the counter. However you order it, they bring it to you - no standing around and waiting.

A good place to take a step or two back in time.

July 2010