1500 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA

Monday thru Sunday
Early morning to mid evening

Alas, Joe Wolf sold Wolf's Market.  Alas again, the new owner has totally changed the place.  I'm already missing Wolf's Market.  It was my regular take-out lunch spot.

Joe Wolf knows good food. Good, solid food. Wolf's Market has all the Center City yup-scale fodder you'd expect, but also turns out some of the best road food in Philadelphia.

I am serious about hamburgers. Very serious. I would never order a burger from a market. And I didn't order a burger from Wolf's. Somehow my order for a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich turned into a Wolf Burger - a perfectly grilled hamburger on a kaiser roll with onions, peppers and mushrooms, and topped with provolone. One bite; "my what the hell - it's not worth the hassle of returning it" attitude changed into "Eureka, I might have stumbled upon the best hamburger in Center City." At least it's in my top three, the other two burgers being from Monk's Cafe and The Palm.

Now I alternate. Burger one time. Grilled cheese the next. We're talking a Holly-sized grilled cheese sandwich - thick Texas toast, a thick lay of cheddar, thick slices of tomatoes.

Either way, be sure to wash your sandwich down with a bottle of Rosenberger's chocolate milk.