2301 Artic Avenue
Atlantic City NJ
609 (345-1564)

Open Daily

White House Subs is the place to eat in Atlantic City. Casino headliners, high rollers, big losers... everyone heads to White House Subs at least once every visit.

It's either take out or eat-in. Take out, grab a number and wait. Won't be all that long. Pretty soon one of the guys at the counter calls your number. He's yours for the duration. He's got a grill behind him and a cold sandwich bar in front. Fixes whatever you order, any and everything. Most buy a bag full.

I've got my own routine. I grab a seat at the counter, and let the waitress put me at the head of the line. Usually get a cheesesteak sub with fried onions, lettuce and tomato to eat at the counter and a full size (double) Italian hoagie for the trip home. What isn't finished while doing 75 mpg down the Atlantic City goes in the fridge - a perfect cold, soggy breakfast for the next morning.

Oh yeah, White House Subs has won a regional James Beard Award to. Between Waterman's Lobster and White House Subs, I'm becoming a fan of the James Beard Awards.