6416 North Lamar
Austin, TX
(512) 451-5440

Lunch and Dinner Daily


have found the ultimate down home cooking restaurant and it is Threadgill's in Austin Texas.

I'll start with the rolls. They are homemade. And they are incredible. I haven't seen homemade cloverleaf rolls since the fifties. Nobody bakes their own rolls anymore. Nobody but Threadgill's.

Threadgill's is famous for Chicken fried steak. Fame well earned. They should be just as famous for their vegetables. Beans with ham and onions, Creole cabbage, stewed tomatoes with okra, spicnach casserole, squash casserole with green chilies, queso and onions, turnip greens, and Texas caviar to name a few. Unfortunately you only get to pick two. Fortunately seconds on vegetables is the tradition.

My dessert, buttermilk cheese pie. Tastes like coconut cream pie, but it isn't. Other choices, pecan pie, peach cobber and banana pudding.