1046 Broad Street
Meriden CT
(203) 237-6660

Who would have thought of steaming a cheeseburger?  Seems the folks in Meriden Connecticut and maybe one or two adjoining towns.  Never really caught on like grilling or broiling though.  Nowaday's Ted's is the place to get them.

Little stainless steel pans are filled, half with ground beef and half with Vermont Cheddar Cheese.  These go into a steamer that sits one a pan of boiling water.  The burgers and cheese are steamed til done then the burger which is brownish gray all the way through and the cheese which is kind of rubbery gloppy are layered on a hard roll.  Options include lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup and mustard.

Good enough that I ordered a second for the ride home to Philadelphia.