1301 N 5th Street
Philadelphia PA
(215) 235-2294

Sunday thru Thursday  9 AM to 9 PM
Friday and Saturday  9 AM to 10 PM

​​It is not logical to be sitting at the window of Taco Riendo at 5th and Thompson and think one is back on Isla Mujeres. That happened to me today. 

The music, the Spanish being spoken in the background, the blend of Latino and American customers, the colors and decorations on the wall, the breeze coming through the window and the pork and ham torta I am biting into.  In the distance, the weathered spire of a steeple with its bells welcoming the hour. 

Cookbook author Jim Tarentino introduced me Taco Riendo's tortas. I was serving a ten day sentence at a rehab center for first degree clumsiness and he stopped by with a bagfull of tortas.  Gracias, senor.

Free again, I headed  back to Taco Riendo.  First tried an order of sopes con chorizo. Grilled masa rounds, thicker than a tortilla, topped with refried beans, chorizo, salsa verde and fresh cheese.

I returned for a torta, a Mexican sandwich. I went for the ham, pork and cheese torta. Avocado, tomato, jalapenos and onion are also piled on.

There is indoor seating and outdoor seating both along the side of the building and in a courtyard in the back.

September 2010