1487 N. Bridge Street
Chillicothe, OH
(740) 772-1055

Open Daily
Lunch and Dinner

Back in the '50's, customer used to refer to the then Trailer Drive-In's burger as "some burger." One bite led to another and their namesake burger became the "Sumburger." It's classic all-American drive-in - a good-sized cheeseburger with lettuce and Sumburger sauce on a soft sesame seed bun. That's the Double Sumburger above and a bowl of their homemade chili to the right.

Great system for ordering. Pick up the phone and give the person on the other end your order. Still hungry, call again. And again for dessert. The drive-in order system moved indoors.

On the way out you can pick up a classic Sumburger Zippo lighter.

July 2003