Penn Avenue and Environs
Between 16th and 22nd Streets
Pittsburgh PA

I went to The Strip to try out the famous Primanti Brothers sandwiches and ended up spending half the day wandering the streets. So much to see. So much to eat. So much to experience. There are separate pages for three of The Strip's establishments - Primanti Brothers, The Enrico Biscotti Factory and the Wholey Fish Market. I'll be back soon to write up a bunch of other great places, but until then, I snapped a few pics of some of the markets and restaurants that drew me inside.

The Strip District is Pittsburgh's wholesale food market. It branches out from Penn Avenue, between 16th and 22nd Streets, running along the banks of the Allegheny River. Alas the Starbuck's and the trendy shops are invading, but there's plenty of history and good food left.

Deluca's was on my short list for breakfast. Been there a long time. Famous for slicing a baked ham to order.

The Pennsylvania Macaroni Company is more a vast Italian Supermarket. Giant cheese, olive and sausage departments. Self serve virgin olive oil drawn from huge barrels, mountains of fresh baked bread, all manner of produce and, of course, macaroni and most every other kind of pasta.

Not sure what's behind the name, McKee's Rock Bread Company by Mancini's Bakery, but they've got some nice looking hearth baked bread and are pround of their Italian Sausage Sandwich.

After too much walking, and anxious to taste my biscotti from the Enrico Biscotti Factory, I stopped by Fortune's Coffee Roastery for a cup of their finest. They've got an impressive selection of beans, and then some.