535 Dexter Street
Central Falls, RI
(401) 726-9689

Monday - Thursday  11 AM - 8 PM
Friday 11 AM - 10 PM    Sat.  11 AM - 10 PM

Stanley's Famous Burgers has been frying up a storm since 1932.  They're best know for their burgers - single and double, both fried on a bed of onions.  A double burger isn't two burgers.  Just one twice as big, a quarter pound, not counting the grease.  I went for their cheese burger.

That's their chili dog along the burger.  Grilled and great chili on top.  Sloppy two fisted, shirt staining eating. 

Stanley's is also kinda famous for their fries.  I had mine "Quebec Style" with gravy and cheese. Behind them are chili fries. Quebec fries, known as "Poutine" are made with cheese curds. These are totally authentic, but are fine eating and as close as it gets in the Providence area.