Franklin Square Park
6th and Arch
Philadelphia PA

11:00 AM to 8:00 PM Thru Labor Day
Shorter Hours After Labor Day
Closes for the Season Oct. 31

SquareBurger is one of those places with a lot of potential.  They do some things well, most of the time.  Other things, not so much.

I've had one great cheeseburger and one mediocre one.  The patties are a quarter pound and nicely thick.  They seem to be grilled medium to medium well no matter what is requested, but stay juicy.  Toppings include ketchup, onions, mustard and relish.  One time the burger was perfect - another time it was sloppily garnished and a third of it was over salted.

The hot dogs are kosher, all beef, good sized.  They come ungarnished so don't look like much but good flavor, snap and juice.  There is also a Philadelphia Hot Dog, wrapped in Kosher salami and topped sort of like a Chicago dog.

The fries are frozen and a disappointment.

The shake on the right is made with half and half and has a package worth of TastyKake Butterscotch Krimpit blended in.  Good flavor, though the the crumbled up Krimpit coming through the straw was disconcerting.  They also do other shakes without bakery products.

I'm hoping SquareBurger will improve with age.  Philadelphia needs a great hamburger stand.  In fact Philadelphia needs a bunch of great hamburger stands.

July 2009