Route 1 at the Bridge
Wiscasset ME

Open Daily, Seasonal

The Maine coastline is quite long.  Lots of good places to open a lobster shack and sell lobster roll.  Of all the possibilities along the coast, the one place I would surely not choose is across the street from Red's Eats.

That said, anywhere else I'd be happy with their lobster roll.  It's a good one.  Lots of lobster.  A little lettuce on the bottom which is cheating, but does give some nice crunchy texture.  Lobsters are on the menu too.  There's a separate shack for boiling lobsters.  The sell fresh cut fries, good but not double cooked.

Great location.  Right on the water.  Plenty of picnic seating.  Probably some wonderful sunsets to watch while working one's way through a two pound lobster.