33rd and Arch
Philadelphia PA
(484) 620-6901

Monday to Friday
11:30 AM (ish) to 6:00 PM (ish)

The little food truck that could... (little mobile vending cart, actually).  Spot Burgers turns out an amazing variety of top quality cooking from a miniscule kitchen.

The hamburger patties are ground fresh daily from sirloin. Hand formed, grilled to order. Mine was a perfect medium rare.  I ordered their roquefort burger - topped with roquefort cheese, sautéed onions and bacon. Didn't really need the iceberg lettuce.

Only one mini-complaint - and I realize I am asking a lot from such a small kitchen - the buns would be better toasted or grilled.

Spot Burgers grills up one of the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. Sirloin in stead of ribeye because "sirloin is made to be cooked fast. Ribeye isn't." Had mine with Cheez Whiz and sauteed onions. They use the same onions as for their burgers, another plus.

Their weekly special, a Sloppy Joe, first drew me to Spot Burgers. Don't see Sloppy Joes very much anymore. This is a Sloppy Joe I hope to down regularly. Same ground beef as their burgers and a spunky Sloppy Joe sauce. Almost headed back for seconds.

The fries are fresh cut and twice fried. The finish fry happens to order.  Again, top quality.

Also on the menu - cheesesteaks and pork sandwiches. Their Facebook page says the Drexel University police chief gave them props for their pork sandwich. Word has it Spot Dogs are on the menu on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

There is a big ol' bell at the window that gets rung on special occasions, like when a customer leaves a tip or says something especially pithy - or when they serve a burger they are particularly proud of.

33rd and Arch, off the Drexel Campus, is turning into a major Philadelphia lunch destination.  Lots of good eating from the food trucks and carts hanging out there.

April 2012

Updated July 2012