100 North York Road
Hatboro, PA 
(North of Philly)
(215) 674-8843

Mon-Thur: 9 AM - 6 PM
Friday:  9 AM - 8 PM
Saturday:  9 AM - 4 PM 
Hoagies and Cheese Steaks

No.  Reservations.  No credit cards.   Be sure to take a number.

It's the bread that makes the hoagie or cheese steak.  Silvio's bakes their own bread.  One time I had an Italian hoagie on bread warm out of the oven.  Best hoagie I've ever had.  Most times the bread is only an hour or two old.   Still *** good.

I usually get a large cheese steak hoagie to eat there, and an Italian Hoagie for lunch the next day.  There's something special about the way the flavors all sop together in a day old hoagie.