120 S. 15th Street (Near Sansom)
Philadelphia PA
(215) 629-1093

Monday Thru Friday
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
(or until they run out of bread)

Shank and Evelyn's has moved on uptown, changing its name in the process.  Now just Shank's Original.

The name seems to be the only change.  Same Italian sandwiches.  Same "charming" South Philly staff - tough, good humored, warm and pros at turning out great sandwiches.

Above - maybe my favorite Shank's sandwich - sweet sausage with grilled green peppers and onions..

Upper right - a meat ball sandwich.  Meatballs made with love in a genuine south Philly gravy.  Topped mine with provolone.

The cooking is done out front on the grill - a highlight of any meal.  Watching the women build sandwiches.  Ordering is a bit confusing.  It's at the far end of the counter.  Orders are picked up by the door.

Center City Philadelphia has been waiting for a place like the Original Shanks for way too long.

July 2009