S.E. Corner Madison Square Park
Madison Ave. and 23rd St.
New York NY
(212) 889-6600

Open Daily
April thru October

Though just a year old, the Shake Shack is a guaranteed New York institution. Some of the best burgers in the city. Genuine frozen custard. And a perfect setting in Madison Square Park.

I went for the Double Shack Burger. A classic. Hand formed patties grilled to order. No holding bins. A hot, juicy, greasy, great burger.

Alas, the Chicago Style hot dog was as upsetting as the burger was great. I watched mine sit under a heat lamp for about the 15 minutes it took to get my burger. The tomato was missing but all the other official Chicago ingredients were there. But it doesn't hold up well under a heat lamp. The dog was cool and the bun stale, breaking apart.

Redemption came in my coffee milk shake. Frozen custard makes the difference. Thick, creamy and super-rich.

When the Shake Shack gets its hot dogs up to the quality of everything else, there's a coveted fifth grease stain awaiting them.

October 04