307 Allens Avenue
Providence RI
(401) 941-9547

Monday to Saturday Breakfast and Lunch
Friday and Saturday also 11 PM to 4 AM

Providence may have more diners per capita than any city in the country.  They are all over and most serve a great breakfast.

The Seaplane Diner sure does. Everything from corned beef hash to eggs benedict.  I went for Linguica sausage (Portuguese and found along the coast from Rhode Island to the North Shore of Massachusetts) and eggs.

The Seaplane also serves a Rhode Island delicacy, coffee milk - milk with coffee syrup.  According to my favorite Rhode Island website,, Coffee Milk is the official beverage of the State of Rhode Island.

Back to the Seaplane.  It got its name from the long gone Seaplane depot across the street. The juke boxes at the booths are for show - the owner can't find parts to fix them.

September 2008