789 Center Road
West Seneca, NY
(716) 674-9821

Monday thru Saturday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Sunday 1:00 PM to 8:30 PM
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Long before Anchor Tavern Buffaloed their first chicken wing, Schwabl's, which dates back to 1837, kicked of the city's eating reputation with their beef on weck sandwich. The beef on weck is thinly sliced beef from a huge steamship roast piled high on a heated kimmelweck bun.

Kimmelweck refers to the caraway seeds and salt backed into the crown of the bun. This is not the sandwich to order if you're watching your salt intake.

The sandwiches are carved to order. I ordered rare. Ended up with some rare and some medium slices. The carver dips the bun crown in au jus before capping off the sandwich. There is horseradish on the table - highly recommended to complete the classic beef on weck taste.

I ordered the platter which includes German potato salad, pickled beets and pickles. The homemade German potato salad is served warm and is maybe the best I've had. The pickled beets are made there too and also very good. So are the pickles, but, alas they are pickled elsewhere.

Their motto is "Friends gather here." Even on you're first visit you're treated warmly, just like a fifth generation regular.

If it weren't for the winter and the huge snowfalls, I'd seriously consider moving to Buffalo just to be a regular.

August 2010