2103 N. Reynolds Road
Toledo OH
(419) 535-9116

Monday thru Saturday
5 AM to 11 PM
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Two facts about Schmucker's. It's a family tradition - Doug Schmucker is third generation and the staff takes great pride that everything is home made - the roast beef, the meatloaf, the mashed potatoes the 24 types of pies, most everything.

Above their Wimpy Burger Platter - a double cheeseburger, plenty of pickles, lettuce tomato and onion and a side of fresh cut, single-fried fries. To the right, Schmucker's other special, their hot roast beef sandwich. The roast beef is shredded, covered with gravy and served with a side of horseradish.

All manner of pie - I had the strawberry rhubarb, a la mode. Below that, a half portion of their fresh strawberry pie.

Schmucker's has been around since 1948. Not much has changed. Sitting next to me was a 96 year old regular. There's a genuine telephone booth in the corner. Some of the servers have been with Schmucker's for thirty years.

I read in their history statement that the occasional pie hits the occasional face. Probably best not to ask about that.

July 2010