240 E. Kossuth Street
Columbus OH (German Village)
(614) 444-6808

Open Daily
Lunch and Dinner

There is a section of Columbus I never new existed. It's called German Village and is South of downtown. Cobblestone streets, old world feel, and at least one great restaurant - Schmidt's Sausage Haus. Been around since 1886.

The menu is full service German, but they are famous for their sausages, which they make themselves. I tried the "Bahama Mama" with potato pancakes (left) and the Fresh Bratwurst with green beans and spatzel (right). For desert, a half pound cream puff.

The Bahama Mama is their version of an adult wiener - coarse ground beef and pork in a natural casing, hickory smoked, and on the hot side. Served on a New England style top split hot dog bun. Exceptional.