Throughout Rhode Island

Saugy is Rhode Island for Hot Dog.  Everyone in Rhode Island calls a hot dog a Saugy or a Saugy dog.  But there is only one Saugy dog and that elusive hot dog is made by Saugy Provisions since 1869.

Saugy's are all over Rhode Island, but dog gone if I could find them up until this past trip.  No hot dog stands had them.  Couldn't find them in the markets, but they are there.

This trip I found them at the Food For Thought Food Festival.  At least I found half a Saugy Dog on half a bun.  They were sampling them.  No problem.  I know math. 1/2 x 6 equals three Saugy Dogs. I had my fill.

A guy named Mike was dishing them out from his fancy cart.  Mike knows his Saugy's.  They gotta have snap.  That's how you know a real Saugy.  It's got the Saugy Snap.

Good flavor too.  Well worth seeking out.

September 2008