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Rick didn't invent the cheesesteak.  His grandfather, Pat Olivieri did.  His family has been selling cheesesteaks in Reading Terminal Market for the last twenty-five years.  That is Rick, to the right, slicing rib eye for the sandwiches.  Above, a whiz, with.  A good, solid cheesesteak.

Rick's Steaks' future at the Reading Terminal Market is uncertain.  Even though he has been a good tenant for over twenty-five years, through the lean and the boom years - Even though he served as president of the Merchant's Association for seven years - Even though he works the place every day and serves a good cheesesteak - The meatheads who run the market are not renewing his lease.  Nothing to do with business, just personal.  The pompous suits don't like that Rick stands up for himself, challenges them.

Right now law suits are going back and forth. Thousands, likely hundreds of thousands of dollars, are being squandered by the managers of a public trust - money that should be spent to better the market rather than resolve a personality conflict.

Reading Terminal Market is Philadelphia at its best.  Reading Terminal Market's tradition and place in the community should be better served.  Reading Terminal Market deserves better than a board of directors that tries to kick out a good, long term merchant of twenty-five years.