Carratara a el Garrafon
Isla Mujeres


Playa translates to beach and Playa Lancheros is right on the beach. Lots of folks spend the day - swim, sun, lunch, swim, sun, drink. The beach is nice, but Playa Lancheros is famous for their tix'n xic - red snapper filet coated with achiote paste and grilled crisp.

I started with one of the best guacamoles on the island. Made to order and served with an avocado pit to prove it is fresh.

Shown above, the tix 'n xic. To the right, Tix 'n xic secreto. The differnce - sorry, it is a secret.

One warning, beware the birds. For some reason they descended en masse on a couple, drove the couple away, and celebrated their victory with a feast of leftovers.

The eating happens either in a cement slab pavilion or a shaded row of tables right out on the beach. If one carries a few extra pounds, consider the concrete. Those chairs can sink pretty deep into the sand.