693 Burmont Road
Drexel Hill PA
(610) 622-6441

Monday, Thursday - Saturday   11 AM to 9 PM
Sunday  1 PM to 9 PM

Not many better bonafides, barbecue-wise, than having Jack McDavid step in on occasion to do the pot washing.  We're talking pedigree barbecue.  Linda Mullane, along with working Pig Daddy's, is on the board of the Kansas City Barbecue Society and teaches judging up and down the eastern coast.  That's husband Jerry holding a slab of ribs.  He is also a judge, and also teaches judging.  Next to Jerry is Cindi La Pork, the smoker.

Barbecue is more about eating than pedigree.  Pig Daddy's barbecue is as blue ribbon worthy as it gets.  Clockwise from the top - a slab of pork ribs, Pig Daddy's dinosaur bones (beef ribs - weekends only), a smoked pork butt and the Harley Davidson Hog - smoked sausage, pulled pork and two sides.

Pig Daddy's sauce has its own story.  I didn't get it all.  I know Jack McDavid first chastised Jerry for putting paprika in Pig Daddy's sauce and then started using it himself.  Jerry learned about cloves from Jack and added some to his sauce.  As Pete Seeger says, kinda like folk music, everyone steals a bit from everyone.

No seating here.  You can either grab a bench at the train station, or eat in your car with the added benefit of being able to smell the aroma for a week.

Want to get on Pig Daddy's crew's good side.  Bring them a green salad.  We got to talking about having to eat barbecue every day.  "Salad, I just want a salad."

August, 2008