Route 70 - Across From Craig's Bar-B-Q De Valls Bluff, AR
(501) 998-2279

I found the Family Pie Shop through Jane and Michael Stern's book "Road Food." Drove past it twice and missed it. Had to stop and ask. Still almost missed it. It's set back among a couple of houses. If it wasn't for the "OPEN" sign, I would have assumed it was closed. But open it was.

The Family Pie Shop is definitely a family operation and nowadays, at least, is mostly if not totally take-out. Part of the family was hanging out in what long ago might have been the dining room.

There were three choices of pies - lemon, chocolate and fried apple. I went for the chocolate. I expected a slice but what I got for my $2.00 was a good sized individual pie. Good tasting, too. Friendly too. I'm a comin' back.