538 Hagan Avenue
New Orleans LA
(504) 482-3047

Wednesday thru Tuesday
11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
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The Parkway may have had its ups and downs, but nowadays it is soaring. Though one of the long time Po'Boy places, Parkway closed in the 90's, reopened under a new owner in the early 2003, ended up with water rising over its bar after Katrina, and has been rebuilt once again - see the We're Saved Again" sign to the right.

Enough of a history lesson. The Parkway Bakery is mostly about po'boys. They are most famous for their roast beef and gravy po'boy above. I had mine "dressed"- lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayonnaise. Of course it comes on
Leidenheimer bread - a New Orleans must.

I gave their turkey and alligator sausage gumbo a try. Pretty good. Made with okra, which I like. Thin broth and not the darkened roux flavor I expect. Has a nice kick to it.

I ordered at the bar, which is fine. But if you want to come off as a local, walk up the ramp to the "dining room" and order at the kitchen window. Then return to the bar and order a Dixie beer or a Barq's root beer to chase it down.

Not many better ways to eat ones way into the afternoon.

December 2008