152 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA
(267) 886-9556

1017 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 922-2220

Open Tuesday thru Saturday
11 AM to 7 PM
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Italian style sandwiches as good as any in Philadelphia.  Best approach is to eat through the menu.  Everything is outstanding.

I started at the top left of the menu, the Paesano.  Slow roasted beef, pickled red cabbage, hot peppers and provolone.  Friend Jim skipped ahead an ordered a Gustaio.  Lamb sausage with sundried cherries, mostada and fennel.  Both spectacular.

The pics above are the sandwiches as they are made.  They come tightly wrapped, shown on the right.

Other options include roast suckling pig, a cross between a hot dog and an Italian hoagie and for vegetarians and other lost souls, chick pea.

My new favorite sandwich - the Giardina - to the right.  Eggplant, peppers, roasted fennel, fresh mozzarella and pesto.

They also offer roast potatoes "with all the fat and flavor we can muster."

There's a small counter - great for chatting up the staff and watching the sandwiches come together.

Probably the most exciting addition to Philadelphia's sandwich scene since Tony Luke's.

I count more than five grease stains in the pic on the right, but five is all we give.

May 2009