Along the Ohio River
Owensboro KY

Mid May Every Year
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Rained all night but that didn't stop the six barbecue teams - five local church teams and the sixth team, Crooked Creek - some folks who just plain like to barbecue.

Owensboro is the barbecued mutton capital of the world. Each team has giant barbecue grills dedicated to mutton. Chicken seems almost as popular. Along with pork butt and ribs.

Most dramatic - the giant kettles of burgoo simmering away. Team members using oar sized paddles spend hours stirring the kettles, their only breaks being to swig down a nearby bottle of beer.

There's another contest for backyard barbecuers. Smaller smokers. Eating's just as good and the samples are free.

Blue grass bands a pickin', carnival rides a spinnin', midway barkers a hawkin'. Pitching horseshoes. Running a Marine obstacle course. And eating. Barbecue. Burgoo. And all manner of midway fare.

All this happens in downtown Owensboro. Parking is catch as catch can - I connected with a church elder who invited me to use his church's lot. It's a fun event, runs Friday and Saturday in Mid-May.

May 2005