489 Allens Avenue
Providence, RI
(401) 941-9474

Monday thru Saturday  5:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday  5:00 AM to 1:00 PM

OV's?  Old Vics? Original Vitals? Neither.  OV is the Americanization of "Hovannes" - the owner's first name. Hovanne Dolarian may hail from Armenia, but he has New England diner cooking down pat.

Looking at the place you'd think it dates back thirty or forty years.  Nope. It opened in 2006. Neat thing is it's by one of Johnson & Wales campuses - gets them culinary students both on the stools and behind the grill.

Above, their corned beef hash with a couple of poached eggs.  The hash is homemade and great. To the right one of their many omelets, with Italian sausage peppers and onions.

For some reason they felt our service was slow. We were talking and didn't notice or care. That didn't stop them from sending a free and giant coffee cup of rice pudding our way. Very good rice pudding at that.

October 2010