9th & Passyunk & Reed
Philadelphia PA (South Philly)
(215) 468-1950

Open Daily

Nifty Fifty's doesn't date back to the fifties, but feels as it does. Feels that way naturally, without the forced ambience and attitude found in most places that try to take on a Happy Days ambience. It's probably the South Philly attitude that's never really left the 50's anyway.

Great shakes. Made to order. A whole bunch of flavors and I still always order vanilla. There burgers are ok. Used to be great but then they started a policy of only cooking burgers well done. Cooks a lot of the juice and grease out of them.

French fries are fresh cut and seem double fried, nice and crisp, not too greasy. If you don't tell them not to, they sprinkle a reddish seasoned salt on the fries which gets in the way.

Great breakfasts. Orange Juice fresh squeezed to order. Good chipped beef. Good steak and eggs.

Wish they weren't cooking the hell out of their burgers.