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Metaire LA
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Of the two New Orleans coffee institutions, Cafe du Monde and Morning Call, Morning Call is eight years the junior, only having been around since 1870.

Both places have moved from their original locations - Morning Call relocating all the way out in Metaire, far from the tourist hoards. Not as convenient as the French Quarter, but no lines either, and a coffee and beignet go for fifty cents less.

Beignets are just as good, and I may have preferred Morning Call's coffee. One complaint though. Morning Call serves their beignets unsugared. I had to sprinkle my own. Alas my brain has some sort of governor that will not permit me to heap on the powdered sugar in the extremes practiced by Cafe du Monde. Yet it is impossible to have too much powdered sugar on one's beignets. Quite the quandary.

December 2008