Av. Rueda Medina
Isla Mujeres

Open for lunch and dinner

Minino's is on the bayside of the island - more accurately on the beach that runs along the bay. Kids are swimming, tourists are getting off ferries and tour boats and, most importantly, fishermen are unloading their day's catch. Amazing how many huge fish a small boat can yield.

Most every restaurant on Isla Mujeres has their own traditional salsa, passed on from generation to generation. Minino's has a kick to it. In case I desired more of a kick, the server brought a second. "Muy picante," he warned. I tried the tiniest dab. Warning justified.

I continued with their mixed ceviche - shrimp, squid and octopus. Excellent. I went with a medium, more than enough.

Yes, the floor of the dining room is sand.