Corner Ocean Blvd and Matilda Terrace
Long Branch NJ
(732) 571-0248

Open Daily

"You taking a picture of your hot dog? In all the years I've been here nobody's ever taken a picture of their hot dog."

"I'm using them for a web site. Nothing bad, just good food that I like to eat."

"Do you need my permission for that?"

"I don't know, I don't think so."

I had just met Max of Max's Famous Hot Dog. She mans the cash register and keeps and eye out for the occasional scoundrels and guys who take pictures of hot dogs. I hope we parted friends. I got a smile out of her. But I think she's still a bit leery of me and my camera.

No reason to be leery about her hot dogs. All beef, a good quarter pound grilled until they start to blacken and a split or two cracks the crevice. There's a reason why they are a Long Branch Tradition since 1928.

Hope Max isn't still mad at me. I'm planning on becoming a regular.