806 New Jersey Avenue
North Wildwood NJ
(609) 846-0444

Open Daily

Hard to miss Maui's Dog House when you're heading to Wildwood from Exit 6 off the Garden State Parkway. Glad I didn't.

Maui's serves at least 16 different kinds of dogs. I kept it pretty basic, a Dressed Dog, Maui for Texas Wiener. Good Dog, Good Chili, a bit too fluffy a bun for my taste.

The fries are truly fresh cut. As soon as I placed my order the cook grabbed a couple of potatoes and forced them through a cutter. Then into the fryer. Alas, with no blanching they aren't the french fry of my dreams, but they are better than many of the fries on the Boardwalk.

Maui's also serves Salty Balls, which I didn't try - "Fresh potato cooked in a salt brine and served w/ drawn butter." Maybe next time.

Hooray for the root beer. It's Stewarts.