248 South Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 625-3500

Open Daily at 11 AM

The sign looked familiar.  I thought I'd seen it before, but wasn't sure where.  Turns out I had seen it all over the Netherlands were Maoz got started.

Glad they made it to Philadelphia, even if they are vegetarian.  They've got enough going for them to make up for that character flaw.

Maoz bakes their own pita - whole wheat and white.  Throws in some falafel and then let's the customer go wild.  All sorts of things to add from their salad bar - vegies, couscous salad, sauces.

Go for the meal, just over four bucks, and they throw in a can of soda and their version of Belgian french fries.  Fresh cut fries, fried twice.  Fries are good, and there is mayonnaise for dipping.  But they aren't great.  Just not crisp enough.  Maybe if I stop by when the place isn't packed, though that's not often.