Caribbean Road
Isla Mujeres

Breakfast and Lunch - Daily
Dinner - Monday thru Saturday

The Mango Cafe could be a headliner anywhere in the United States. It brings a whole new cuisine to Isla - lets call it Mexican - Jamaican - Caribbean fusion, with a few other countries added to the mix when the mood strikes.

Right now they are serving breakfast and lunch. I had to order the oven baked french toast. "Concha pastries soaked in Eggnog liqueur, sprinkled with Caramelized Almonds and served with Orange Rosemary Syrup." Think a super rich bread pudding.

A couple of days later I returned for lunch and a BLGT - bacon, lettuce, tomato and green apple and avocado guacamole on whole grain bread. In the center, homemade mayonnaise infused with honey and rice wine. Great apples - a perfect addition to any BLT.

Back again for an omelet with jalapeno panela cheese, spinach and bacon and a side order of Mango Cafe's highly recommended skillet potatoes.

It doesn't stop there. Lori who runs the cafe with her husband is shown holding her take on a strawberry shortcake ("If you need more whipped cream..." Who doesn't?) served on a muffin like sweet bread.

There's more. The tamarind juice is made daily and Lori brews her own Jamaican Ginger Ale. Nice kick to the ginger ale.

Mondays are barbecue night. So far she has done a Jamaican, Texan and, this Monday, Indian Tandoori barbecue.

They open for dinner in February.

February 2009

Update 2012: Lori has moved on to open Lola Valentina on Avenue Hidalgo in El Centro. Mango's menu has changed but still very good. The cafe is now serving dinner.