255 S. 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA (Center City)
(215) 922-6905

Monday Thru Sunday
11 AM to 8:30 PM

Luna defines "unassuming" until you venture inside. Their food is anything but. Home style Greek cooking so good that you want to dance, shattering your plates on the floor in honor of those doing the cooking.

Consider the dolma - stuffed grape leaves. I never really cared for dolma until I had these. The grape leaves are filled with a mellow puree of rice, lemon and onion and they are wonderful.

Then there's the spanakopeta - spinach squares. Ranks right up there with the dolma. And the sparkling fresh Greek salad. Also wonderful.

The pizza is special too. Order one with peppers, they slice the peppers to order. Same with the tomatoes. The crust, light, crisp. airy. I like the special, topped with everything including Greek olives and anchovies.