Philadelphia PA
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Whenever, wherever...

It started off with a scene from Five Easy Pieces.

Holly: Cheeseburger, medium rare

Truck: We don't do medium rare. You can order your burger medium or rare.

Holly: Huh?

Truck: We're cooking on a truck.

Holly: Make my burger medium, on the rare side.

There was a happy ending. Cheeseburger, fries, shakes all great.

Lucky Old Souls is not your usual burger truck. The beef is grass fed. Buns are locally baked. They cure their bacon. The fries are fresh cut. The milk shakes are made the old fashioned way with Bassets ice cream. They blend all manner of sauces and dips.

I tried a basic cheese burger with sharp cheddar. Next time, probably, their namesake L.O.S. Burger with smoked cheddar, home-cured bacon, pickled tomatoes, sautéed onions and L.O.S. sauce.

Fries are fresh cut. They churn all the basic milkshakes along with a couple of wild specials - maple black pepper and salted caramel. I went with the salted caramel. Great choice.

April 2012