8400 W. Highway 100
Nashville TN
(615) 646-9700

Lunch and Dinner

Almost drove past the Loveless Cafe. The place is so famous I was expecting a flashy sign and touristry sort of place. Nope. Same sign, same dining room as always.

Same good cooking too. Fame hasn't gone to their heads. Thick slab of ham, bowl of red eye gravy and enough biscuits to get me through the meal with a couple left over. Homemade preserves to top off the biscuits.

Loveless Cafe and Skinheads are now tied, in my opinion, for the best breakfast in the South


Note: Ownership has changed hands and I've reduced the Loveless Cafe to four grease stains. The pictures are from the original Loveless. Nowadays they cut back on the biscuit and preserve portions and have commercialized the place a bit - adding some outside shops.