New Orleans, Louisiana

April - 2009

Got a chance to hang with Jane and Michael Stern, authors of the original and classic Roadfood. Calvin Trillin whetted my appetite, but the Stern's gave me the inspiration to seek out and appreciate Roadfood.
The Louisiana Roadfood Festival ran along Royal Street in New Orleans' French Quarter. The focus was on all of Louisiana - a great chance to taste specialties from all over the state - alligator sausage, meat pies, flavored sno balls, gumbos, jambalayas. It's all good.

Saturday night - a crawfish boil out in the bayous. Vats of shrimp and crawfish, a whole hog smoked and dressed, corn, potatoes, jambalaya and great cajun dance music.

Word is the festival will be back in 2010. Mark your calendar now.

April, 2009

Saturday Evening
Crawfish Boil