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Ithaca NY
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My grease-filled formative years matured at Louie's lunch. When I returned to Ithaca in the summer of 2007, I had to make sure the grease was as great as ever. I ordered my all-nighter standby (like hotelies ever had all nighters) - a meat ball pizza sub with a kraft brown bagful of french fries. Yup, Louie's still grills up a storm.

Other pics are a Darren Magnum, named for the famous Darren who ate them regularly, and another of my favorites, a bacon cheeseburger.

About 4 months after eating there, I called to find out what goes on a Darren Magnum. The guy who answered the phone had no idea what I was talking about. He was convinced I wanted the Hot Truck. The Hot Truck is fine. But it's not Louie's Lunch. Darren, if you're out there, or anyone else, please send an email.