Av. Medina, Ferry Parking Lot Isla Mujeres - El Centro ,Mexico

Open early mornings

Only Spanish one needs to speak here is "uno, dos or tres." All they sell is pork tortas, very good pork tortas. Inside, along with the pork, marinated, chopped onion and what I think was a high octane version of guacamole.

Los Almendros is a red stand located behind a fence in the parking lot for the ferry landing. Some enter at the car entrance, but there's a short cut. A hole in the fence with wooden stairs leading up to the stand.

There are two stands in the parking lot, side by side. Both sell excellent tortas. Los Almendros is the second one away from the car entrance.

Los Almendros opens early in the morning and closes mid-morning or earlier, when they run out of pork. Unless you want regular Coke, byob - be it coffee or fresh orange juice from one of the nearby orange juice carts.

February 2009