Street & Buck Roads (Summit Center)
Feasterville, PA 

7 Days, 11 am On

There used to be a few Lenny's Hot Dogs around Philadelphia - they all closed.  Then Lenny's opened in Feasterville, Bucks County north of Philadelphia.  Not all that much character to a place, store front put together on a shoe string.  But the hot dogs are the same and that is all that matters.

Lenny's is famous for their pepper hash approach to relish - shown above.  On the left is their basic hot dog - on the right, the hot dog combo - the hot dog goes on the bun and is topped with a fish cake that is broken up and mashed into the hot dog.  

Lenny's also sell bottles of Levis's Champ Cherry.  Levis's hot dogs, on 6th between South and Lombard ruled until they sold out to a corporation.  The suits came in, scoured 60 years of character off the walls, replaced the bulk mustard and relish with portion control packets, etc.  Shortly after Levis's closed.  Tradition at Levis's was that you washed down your dogs with Champ Cherry, drawn out of the world's oldest working soda fountain.  Now it comes in bottles.  Good, same recipe, but still not the same as the genuine article as drawn by Levis's.