609 West Cypress Street
Kennett Square, PA
(610) 925-2651

Open Daily   10 AM - 9:30 PM
Longer hours April thru October

Even though some great taquerias have opened in Philadelphia, especially in the Italian Market area, I see myself doing the hour drive to Kennett Square for La Peña's taco al pastor.  As good as I've had anywhere.  Served, traditionally, with sliced radishes, pumpkin seeds and fresh lime.  The radishes balance out the heat from the red sauce.

Also had a chicken burrito - not gunked up like the Taco Bell down the road does - just chicken, rice, onion, cilantro and red or green sauce.

Their menu reads like a survey course of basic Mexican cooking - all manner of flour or corn based bases, and a choice of beef tongue, beef tripe, beef pork head, seasoned beef, seasoned pork (al pastor) and chorizo sausage.  Also dinner plates, seafood and stews.

La Peña is as authentic as it gets this side of the Rio Grande.